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If you are embarking on a home improvement or DIY project and are stuck before deciding which window coverings to choose then you are in the right place! We have experience in both shutters and blinds and have a site packed full of useful projects to help you choose between shutters or blinds.

We have forgotten curtains and those twee styles

Shutters and blinds are the newest most durable look

Yes we all know about putting up curtains, choosing fabrics. What about washing them, ripping the lining, getting the right pelmets and some of the other tassles and hassles that go with them! You don't tend to have these sorts of problems with shutters and blinds as a window covering. Generally made of wood, they should be sturdy if shutters, and allow easy movement when turning slats whether shutters or blinds. Believe it or not they generally take up less room on the whole as well and can offer complete blackout through the use of blackout blinds either stand alone or combined with a shutter.

So with plenty of experience in both shutters and blinds our site will help guide you through choosing the right window coverings, whether plantation shutters, wooden blinds or even some cheap temporary blinds, you will be armed with all you need to know to go out and buy your new products. We have even found some of the best online shops for sourcing your shutters, buying blinds, getting exterior shutters and having cheap blinds.

There is a world of property updates to be made with new shutters blinds, so take a good look through our products pages and we hope you find what you are after. If not contact our resourceful team and we'll help where we can.

Wood shutters for the stylish home your windows have dreamed of!

A New Phenomenon with Shutters in the UK?

In the UK shutters have seen a surgence of popularity in the last decade. Previously window shutters were the domain of the few, with very few companies available who could install your shutters let alone measure up correctly. Today we see an entirely different arena with many companies available who will design and install your new shutters, rather like a double glazing company or similar home improvment service company. We're going to be reviewing as many as we can so call back frequently and we will post information as we write it!

UPDATE: We have seen that major UK brand names have begun with their own version of this fantastic window treatment and are offering DIY window blinds from their retail site. We'll be covering this in an article soon, with the big chains getting involved in these treatments we can only imagine prices will come down and consumers will benefit, as long as we maintain the quality!

In the UK blinds have long been popular, for a number of reasons, and manufacturer costs tend to be far lower for blinds - even high quality blinds, over shutters. These days it is entirely common to order online from suppliers and retailers without a high street presence. This makes perfect sense in the digital age, as secure ordering facilities are far lower in cost than expensive retail outlets. There are innumerable suppliers from low cost discount blinds to high cost luxury products. We have a  leaning towards quality and durability but you will be surprised at how effective even low cost products can be.

USA enquiries

We're getting loads of enquiries from the United States these days and thought we might post a couple of tips for our USA cousins who are considering plantation shutters, please do always check with the Window Coverings Association of America who are a non profit association, Picking a supplier from there if you are considering installing window shutters or blinds will help you to source a quality supplier or worker who abides by a code of ethics and helps to better the window industry.

Shutters and Blinds

Improving your home, updating or renovating? Let us help with choosing between shutters and blinds. Read our tips on shutters and buying guides for blinds, there’s even a section on the cheapest blinds available on the net! You may want decorative external shutters too, this site is packed with everything you could need for your window coverings choice between shutters and blinds.

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